Bongapay is a mobile payment startup on a mission to make money digital, social & fun. Our vision is to make digital payments simple, secure and universally accepted. We believe that the world is at the cusp of a new mobile revolution, which will change the way we manage our money on-the-go. We see ourselves facilitating this change, through our ecosystem hat enables easy, secure and immediate flow of money between users. Bongapay works hand in glove with leading financial institution to offer an intuitive & seamless transactional experience to end customers using our platform.

As a platform, Bongapay aims to make Kenya and Africa at large less dependent on cash and other informal money handling. Every aspect of an individual's life where a financial transaction is involved, Bongapay steps in to make the experience hassle free. Paying your friends & dear ones, buying something online or offline, Chatting & Video calling your loved ones, paying utility bills or even borrowing money from someone was never this easy. We will make it happen!

Our reach in the remotest part of Kenya makes us the stand alone prepaid instrument in the market today. Our core belief lies in providing service to the unbanked consumer, by the means of Financial Inclusion and self-dependence.


To make money digital, social & fun


To make digital payments simple, secure and universally accepted


Bongapay will actively contribute to the development of the local community. We intend to employ more than 1000 youths in the first year to work on our company at various departments. Most of the people in Africa live on less than $2 per day. Bongapay will play an instrumental role in lifting each of them and their families from below the poverty line. Creating jobs is the only way to fight poverty and ensure a stable income for the local population. That is real and measurable impact.

Currently, 35 million people are fleeing from poverty and risking their lives to get to Europe and western countries, in search of a better life. We must fight hunger where it develops to end this human tragedy. That’s why Bongapay is planning to create 1,000 jobs locally here in Kenya by 2020.


Technology is a gift of nature to our generation; we believe it must be accessible for all whether disabled, rich or underprivileged, young and elderly people. We intend to setup an innovation hub where we will the youth with training and skills for coming up with ideas and actively supporting them in creating their own sustainable income through entrepreneurship.

Besides, we actively support the most vulnerable, the hungry and the impoverished. Especially the young orphans, because children are the future.


Let’s make the world a happier and secure place to
transact and do business!

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