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Bongapay makes it easy to get paid securely anywhere you do business: online, on mobile, in person or via an invoice.

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Sending money

Send money to friends and family in seamless in seconds more conveniently whenever and
wherever you are. It’s fast, secure and instant.

Send money to multiple contacts

We offer a convenient way to pay your employees or any mass payments in seconds. We encrypt all transactions making it more safe than making cash payments.

Share bill and send bills

No more writing how much everyone owes on the back of the receipt. One person can pay and the rest can send their share through our app. It’s that easy. You can send the bill to a friend to and he will pay for you without hustle.

Paying bills

Its free when you use Bongapay wallet balance. Transfer money across all networks to friends and families in Kenya and they will receive money directly to their wallet account. If you send with your credit card or debit card we will charge a small fee of 3%.