It’s now easier for you to accept payment whether online or at your business through BongaPay Know More

Instant transfer

Your customers can transfer money directly to your wallet anytime of their choice
and you will receive in seconds

Scan and pay

Your customers can now scan
QR Codes for faster payment at your store.

Become an agent

Start accepting customer withdrawals. Grow your cash by earning
commission and expand your revenue by dispensing cash to
customers by you being our agent.

Get Started

Manage your ACCOUNT

Keep your Account up-to-date Edit your business details on your profile eg. Adding a new director, changing passwords, business locations, tax certificates, profile pictures, new cards, bank accounts etc.

Setup to get PAID

Create and send invoices to your clients and track your payments whenever you sent it to your client. You can also make personal request for money from your business partners whenever you are stuck in the line of duty.

Manage your PAYMENTS

Manage your Invoices by creating and sending reminders of unpaid invoices. You can always manage your transactions by withdrawing your wallet balance to your bank or from agent.